Terms & Conditions

General arrangements
For any request of rent a contract and a description of the apartment are sent.
The rent is confirmed only after return of the signed contract and the payment of the deposit.
No confirmation of rent can be made without these two returns.
The tenant cannot take advantage of any right of preservation in places at the expiration of period indicated on the rental agreement.
Obligation of the owner
During the delivery of keys, the apartment will be in good condition, clean, orderly and in compliance with the supplied description.

Use of the appartment
The tenant will enjoy the rent in a peaceful way and will make good use, according to the destination of places.
In his departure, the tenant makes a commitment to return a clean and orderly furnished flat.
The furnished flat can be occupied only by the person having concluded the rent (any subletting is strictly forbidden).
Arrived - Departure
unless otherwise stipulated (indicated on the rental agreement) the arrivals take place on Saturdays afternoon from 4:00 pm.
The full payment of the rent and that of the pledge, must be made at the latest on arrival in the apartment.
The keys of the apartment will be only handed after the complete payment of the rent and the pledge.
Upon the arrival of the tenant, keys will be only handed to the signatory person of the contract.
Departure: unless otherwise stipulated (indicated on the rental agreement) the departures take place on Saturday morning at the latest at 10:00 am. You have to leave the apartment free, in the state you found it and return its keys to the owner (or to his representative) so that the pledge is returned you.
The rent must be clean and tidied up as on your arrival.
It is collected that on arrival a deposit indicated on the contract, which is returned at the end of the stay; except in case of damage.
In case of damages the tenant will have to pay all of the restoration of the damage even if the amount of the repairs exceeds the amount of the received deposit.
If a damaged made element left a set and cannot be replaced as before, the replacement of this set will be demanded to the tenant.
The linen is not entirely supplied (only sheets, pillowcases, covers and cloth).
You have to plan what can be necessary for you moreover, such as wash gloves, hand towels, etc.....

Number of occupants
In case the number of accepted people who is mentioned on the rental agreement would be exceeded, it would pull the immediate break of the rental agreement.
Cancellation of the rent
Although he can arise, in case of cancellation of the rent 30 days, or less, before the date of arrival, the amount of the paid deposit remains acquired to the owner.
In the same way in case of cancellation of the rent less than 60 days and more than 30 days before the date of arrival 50 % of the amount of the paid deposit remains acquired to the owner.

Interruption of the stay
In case of the anticipated interruption of the stay by the tenant, and if it’s not the responsibility of the owner, it will not be proceeded to a refund, except of the deposit.
Emergency works
The owner will assume the execution of the repairs and works falling, whom the urgency and the necessity would appear during the rent.
It will be the same in case of interruption or disturbance in the functioning of public services (water, electricity, etc.).

The execution of the repairs and works further to the possible damages fact by the tenant during the rent will be assumed by this one.